The 1st University Management Board Members/Students Council Consultative Meeting Held On 10th of August, 2018 at the Council Boardroom

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Teresa Akenga on the 10th of August, 2018 chaired the UMB/Students’ Council Consultative Meeting at the University Council Boardroom. The Meeting which was the first consultative meeting between the UMB and the 6th Students Council aimed at introducing the new Student Council body to the UMB members.

In her address to the Students’ Council, the Vice-Chancellor called upon the Student Leaders to work in liaison with the University administration, and understand the roles of the various organs that constitute the university. She urged them to work in harmony under the helm of their Chairman and ensure that they exercise patience as a virtue as they utilize the minimal facilities that the University has to offer. Furthermore, she urged them to come up with a strategic plan which will guide them in dispensing their duties during their term. Finally, she urged them to have a good communication channel of airing their issues, to enhance professionalism and accuracy in their communication network.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated that monthly UMB/Students’ Council meetings will be held, and called upon the Dean of Students Dr. Lelei Kiboiy to fast-tract a full consultative workshop, induction and training for the Students’ Council.

The Vice Chancellor’s sentiments were echoed by other UMB members, whereby the DVC (PRE) Prof. Phillip Raburu urged the Students’ Council to embrace ethical consideration and be leaders and role models within their actions. He further advised them to have a proper channel of communication to minimize conflict of interest within their council. He finalized by urging them to restrain from radical leadership in order to avoid conflicts with the administration.

The DVC (AF) Prof. Wilson N’getich on his part reiterated that honesty and integrity are key virtue for a leader, and he called on them to uphold these virtues as a key organ within their leadership.

The DVC (ASA) Prof. Mghendi Mwamburi on his part urged the Students’ Council to embrace dialogue at all times and seek advice when appropriate. Last but not least, the Legal Officer Mrs. Joyce Maina called upon the Students’ Council to abide by the University Constitution and always seek legal advice from the legal office when necessary.

The Students’ Council chairman Bill Clinton on his part promised to work closely with the University Administration and promised to uphold the constitution of the University. His Sentiments were echoed by the Students’ Council Secretary General Lemayan Olenalamae who highlighted that the Students’ Council is ready to enhance integrity and ethical considerations in their leadership.