Cascading of Financial Year 2018/2019 Performance Contract

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, performance contract was established to enhance efficient and effective service delivery to Kenyans. In order to meet its service delivery, UoE has thus adapted to systems that enables innovativeness and adaptability of public services to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Therefore, in carrying out its mandate the University intends to put more effort towards contributing efficiently to the attainment of the national development agenda as stipulated in the ‘Big Four’ initiatives (Food Security, Affordable Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing) and Kenya’s Vision 2030, and above all maintaining the specific priorities of the University. In order for the University to achieve its mandate for the financial year 2018/2019, the following strategic intentions will guide the performance contract implementation;

  1. Strive to provide skills in areas of Agriculture, Science, and Technology, with the intention of enhancing food security and nutrition for the attainment of the ‘Big Four’ Agenda and Vision 2030.
  2. Carry out strategic research in Agriculture, Science and Technology for ‘Big Four’ and Vision 2030 deliverables and finally,
  3. Carry out Community empowerment through extension.

The performance contract of financial year 2018/2019 started on 1st July 2018, and it is expected to run until 30th of June 2019. During the previous year negotiation of the performance contract, UoE ensured that performance indicators and targets goes in line with the priorities set by the government, through the Ministry of Education. The University ensured that their indicators and targets are streamlined to support achievement of the University mandate, and are aligned to the Medium Term Plan (MTP), Sector Performance Standards (SPS), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the approved budget estimates for the financial year. The University successfully negotiated its performance contract on the 3rd January 2018, and later presented it to the Performance Management and Coordination office for vetting.

The purpose of vetting was to ensure that the University is in compliance with the performance contracting guidelines, the performance contract is anchored on MTP, SPS, SDGs, UoE’s priority indicators and the national development priorities and the performance targets are growth-oriented.

In line with the development agenda, the University has committed to align its projects and programmes in quality teaching and learning to conform with the ‘Big Four’ Agenda to enhance service delivery. These initiatives have seen the University enhance its commitment to improving health service delivery, facilitating Agri-Business Trade Fair and enhancing food security through fish farming, mushroom project and operationalizing the milk cooling plant.

The Vice-Chancellor has therefore cascaded the Performance contract to the officers listed in the table below as she awaits to sign the same with the chairman of council. She urged members to start implementation of the same in order to meet the targets.

No. Name Designition
1 Prof. Maurice Mwamburi Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor(ASA)
2 Prof. Wilson Ngetich Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AF)
3 Prof. Wilson Ngetich Chair, M& E
4 Prof. Philip Raburu DVC (PRE)
5 Prof Donald Otieno Ag. Director, Quality Assurance
6 Dr. Jacob Onyango Chair, PCC
7 Dr. Ben Mwasi Registrar, Planning
8 Dr. Geraldine Matolla Ag. Director, GED
9 Dr. Thomas Munyao Chair, ESC
10 Dr. Risper Omari Secretary, CPC
11 Prof. Ahmed Ferej Chair, NC &NV
12 Dr. Judith Makwali Chair, HIV/AIDS
13 Mr. Barnabas Agar Ag. Finance Officer
14 Dr. Paul Odwori Chair, ADA
15 Dr. Nicholas Makau Director, ICT
16 Dr. David Waswa Chair, DMC
17 Dr. Violet Mugalavai Director, ILP&C
18 Mr. Stephen Anditi Senior Legal Officer
19 Ms Alice Nyoro Ag. Snr. Procurement Officer
20 Mr. Swalehe Mwakidzuga Principal Security Officer
21 Ms. Cythia Chebii Corporate Affairs and Marketing