The Department of Forestry and Wood Science Gets Accreditation to Carry out Efficacy Trials of Wood Treatment Products on Wooden Poles and Timber for Construction

The Department of Forestry and Wood science at the University of Eldoret offers professional training in forestry (BSc., MSc., PhD), Agroforestry and rural development (BSc., MSc., PhD), Wood Science and industrial processes (BSc., MSc., PhD), Natural resource management (BSc.), Water resource management (BSc.) and Sustainable Energy and Climate change systems (BSc.).

The department is renowned as one of the best Forestry and Wood Science training center in the country and the region. The department boasts knowledgeable Professors, lecturers and Technical staff. The department puts emphasis on training graduates who are well engrained theoretically and practically, of high professional ethics emphasizing industrial and field experience with advanced problem solving skills, research, business and entrepreneurship incorporating both the formal and informal Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE), referred to as "Jua Kali". Successful graduates from the department are trained to “create” work.

Forestry is a multidisciplinary profession and successful graduates are expected to be well versed in natural and social sciences, applied courses in forestry, wood science, agro-forestry, Natural resource management, water resource management, sustainable energy and climate change, wildlife science, economics, business and management sciences to natural resource policy and legislation. Graduates are expected not only to be excellent managers but also good entrepreneurs.

The department collaborates with relevant government ministries and departments, NGOs and has active MoUs with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and others in Kenya and University of Eastern Finland among others in the diaspora.

Our program in Wood science and industrial processes is unique in the region emphasizing on practical aspects and field and laboratory research. It is, in part, the reason that the Department was successful in getting accreditation to carry out efficacy trials of wood treatment products on wooden poles and timber for construction from the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), Kenya (vide notice: PCPB/REG-NOTF/17/132-115).


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