Nairobi Liaison Office

The UoE Nairobi Liaison office was officially opened by the Chancellor, Amb. Prof. Judith M. Bahemuka on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. The occasion was attended by the Chairman of Council, Dr. David I. Ojakaa, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Teresa Akenga, members of the University Council, the University Management board and representatives from the University Senate and the Nairobi Office Preparation Committee.

The establishment of the liaison office is one of the activities in the UoE Resource Mobilization Strategic Initiatives, 2015. With this office in Nairobi Central Business District, the University will achieve the below purposes;

  • Resource Mobilization: Resource mobilization requires building relationships as well as a personal touch. The liaison office will champion this by having a presence in the city. Interactions and engagements with the government, international companies and organizations based in Nairobi will be faster due to proximity. The implementation of the Resource Mobilization strategies will be more effective.
  • Corporate Marketing: The office will be used to disseminate information about the university and the programs. By having an office in Nairobi, potential stakeholders will be able to get information easily and promptly instead of travelling all the way to Eldoret.
  • Stakeholders Meetings: Nairobi is the hub and headquarter for several international companies and organizations as well as the government and its affiliate agencies. The liaison office will provide a venue for meetings, negotiations and interactions with stakeholders and philanthropists who may find the main campus in Eldoret a distance away.
  • University Meetings: The Chancellor, Chairman, Vice-Chancellor, University Council and University Management together with the colleagues will have a central place to host meetings with stakeholders and partners of the University.
  • Procurement: The University receives equipment, both procured and provided by individuals and companies as donations. Partners may be international or locally based. The office will be a base for receiving items as well as facilitating transfer to the main campus in Eldoret.

The Nairobi Liaison office is situated at Pension Towers, 12th floor, Loita Street.

Contact Nairobi Office

Prof. James Ole Kiyiapi
Director Resource Mobilization & Strategic Initiatives

Email: or

Telephone: 0748 282 048, 0775 573 113, 0737 736 992

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