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Dr. Nicholas Rop

Dr. Nicholas Rop

Dean, School of Agriculture & Biotechnology

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The School of Agriculture and Biotechnology (SAGR) is one of the premier schools at the university of Eldoret renown for being among the topmost in delivering academics programs, agricultural research, innovation and extension services. The school offers competitive agricultural-based courses tailor-made to satisfy the growing market demand in agriculture. These programs are offered at various levels as short courses and certificates, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate. It hosts six functional departments that include; Seed, Crop and Horticultural Sciences (SCHS), Animal Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Soil Science, Biotechnology, and Agricultural Economics & Rural Development. The departments have come a long way since its inception in expanding and strengthening its programs with the latter being recently constituted to address the rising demand in agricultural socioeconomic, agribusiness and rural extension. A total of 7 short-courses, 4 certificate, 10 diplomas, 1 post-graduate diploma, 12 bachelors, 14 masters and 9 doctorate programs are offered in the school. New programs have been constituted and are in the pipeline for approval by the senate. These include; Ph D program in Community Nutrition, M Sc. in Agriculture and Gender, B Sc in Agricultural Information System and B Sc in agricultural community development.

The School is involved in a number of research activities and extension services through collaborations with government, non-governmental research institutions and private service providers to test and deliver cutting edge technologies and products to the farming communities. These collaborations have seen a number of MoUs signed between the partners and the university which has enabled the school achieve invaluable benefits rippling from improved infrastructure (laboratory and equipment), awarding of M Sc. and P hD graduate scholarships and securing greater networks for undergraduate student industrial attachments. In a bid to address the emerging issues, the school has continually embraced multi-disciplinary research approaches through strengthening linkages within and outside the school that has yielded remarkable output and outcomes. To foster capacity building of the community, the school had organized a number of workshops and trainings to communicate findings and demonstrate new technologies.

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Current projects in the school

This project was initiated in 2010/2011 as a collaborative research between the University of Eldoret (SAGR) and East African Breweries Limited. Phase I and II of the project ended in 2012/2013 and 2014-2015 receptively. Phase III of the project had begun and will run from 2016 to 2019. Since its inception, the project had produced several superior barley varieties, evaluated pesticide effectiveness and graduated a number of Masters of Science and Doctorate students. The Project is worth US$300,000 whose PI is Professor J. O. Ochuodho, supported by co-scientist; Dr. O. Kiplagat - Breeder, Dr L. Ngode – Agronomist and Mr. J.O Were – Planning, Coordination and Execution. The project also collaborates with Egerton University and KEPHIS.
This project is funded by RUFORUM to a tune of US$ 50,000 from 2014-2016 to establish an engagement center and assist CARP students in developing and finalizing thesis and dissertations. It is led by team of scholars who includes, Prof. J.R Okalebo, Prof. J.O Ochuodho and Dr. A.N. Otinga.
This project is funded by NICHE-NUFFIC (1.23 million Euros) running from 2014-2018 to support faculty training on experiential learning, action research and curriculum review. The project has supported the training of a number of the school’s staffs; 4 PhD (2 in agricultural economics, 1 in Food Science and 1 in Fashion Design) and 6 M Sc. (Biotechnology, Soil Science, Seed technology, Animal Science, Agricultural Extension). A number of trainings tailor-made to build capacity of the teaching and non-teaching staffs had been done. The project also supported equipping the school’s laboratories with the state of the art equipment in Food, Seed and Soil laboratories. The project lead team includes; Prof. J.O. Ochuodho and Dr. A.N. Otinga.
The project was funded by NACOSTI. (USD $ 20,000) running from 2014-2016 in collaboration with, Egerton University, KALRO Kakamega, and ICRAF. Three students in areas of Agronomy, Biotechnology and Crop Protection. The lead team for this project includes; Dr E Arunga, Prof J Ochuodho and Dr J Owuoche.
This project is supported by McKnight CCRP (USD $ 70 000) from 2014-2016. The project is collaborating with farmer groups in Kapkitony and Korellach Parak in Chepareria Ward, West Pokot. It is partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya Forest Service, KVDA and local schools. The Project is supporting two M Sc students in Soil Science and Social science. The lead research team includes; Prof. W. Ngetich, Dr. S. Kebenei, Dr. C. Serrem, Dr. W. Chepng’eno and Mr. B. Alkamoi
This project was funded by RUFORUM (US$ 60,000) running from 2016-2017. It is in collaboration with KALRO Kakamega and ICRAF. Two M Sc students in Animal Science and Crop Protection are sponsored. The lead team in this project includes; Dr H. Rachuonyo and Prof J. Ochuodho.
This project was funded by RUFORUM (US $ 59, 902) running from 2015-2016. It is aponsoring two M Sc students in Soil Science and Animal Production. It is collaborating with KALRO Kakamega and A.I.C Cheptebo Rural Development. The research team includes; Dr S. Kebeney, Mr J. Kitilit, Prof W. Ng’etich,Dr N. Rop , Prof J. Ochuodho and Prof M. Korir.
This project supports up to €100,000 pa that was running from 2008-2017. Since its inception, the project had trained 5 Ph D, 6 M Sc, 1 B Sc, 2 Diplomas and 3 Certificate holders. The project is in collaboration with Moi University, Kenya; KU Leuven, Belgium; Ghent University, Belgium; KALRO, Kakamega; Busia ATC; Mabanga ATC, Siaya ATC, and CBOs in Busia and Bungoma. The lead research team in this project includes; Dr. F. Wamunga, Dr. O. Kiplagat, Prof. R. Okelabo, Prof. L. Gohole, Dr. A. Otinga, Dr. L. Ngode, Dr. K. Pkania, Mrs. R. Njoroge and Mrs. M. Pepela

  1. AGRA, funded research in Soil health
  2. USDA-SANREM, funded research in Conservation Agricultural Practice System (CAPS)
  3. USDA-NIFA, funded research in internationalization of soil and crop curricula
  4. RUFORUM, funded research on Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF)
  5. NACOSTI Funded research
    • Rock Phosphate and
    • Iron status among infants aged six to nine months in Keiyo South District
  6. Effect of Soybean complemented porridges on the nutritional status of school children 3-6 years in Bungoma County, Western Kenya
  7. Post-harvest handling and value addition of African indigenous vegetables in Western Kenya
  8. French bean and Dolichos Lablab Breeding program funded by Kirk House Trust, leading to release of various commercial varieties
  9. Evaluation of Nutritional Quality, Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Attributes of Four Soybean Varieties Grown in Western Kenya
  10. Development of a fermented Soy fortified maize meal snack to alleviate Protein Energy Malnutrition in School going children at University of Eldoret Primary school.

Students’ research projects

School of agriculture has a dedicated team of experienced scholars who takes time to offer constructive mentoring and supervision towards students’ special research project both for postgraduate and undergraduates. In this respect, efforts have been done by the school to streamline presentations and sharing of knowledge through seminars, regular defenses that is attended by experts and presentation of students’ project work.

For instance, the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences organizes a regular annual exhibition where fourth year students showcase their special projects and products to the public.
Family and Consumer Sciences Open Day 5th May