Transformation of higher education through internal engagement and external partnership

In an effort to make the academic programs more competitive and relevant to the ever changing labour market the university reviews its programs every 4 years and continues to develop new ones. Recently the university embarked on harmonization of its academic programs with the view to rationalize these against the number of faculty and their relevance. However, at the same time the school of Agriculture and Biotechnology developed two trans-disciplinary programs in MSc. in Gender and Agriculture and MSc. in Food Security.

In order to improve on the employability of our graduates we have revised our curriculum to have the students perform the Practicum on the farmers’ fields. We have placed student attachments to the end of Fourth year and this has increased the possibility of these students being retained at these firms.


Prof. Teresa A.O. Akenga - Thought Piece Issue 27 (pdf 678.19 KB)

Prof. Teresa Akenga