University Hosted a Public Lecture on The Question of Intelligent Design

The University through the Directorate of Research and Innovation in liaison with the School of Arts and Human Development, Department of Humanities hosted a Public lecture themed ‘The Question of Intelligent Design: We Follow the Evidence Where it Leads on 11th of September, 2023 at the Kerio Hall. The lecture which was attended by University Management Board members led by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Thomas K. Cheruiyot, Chair/CEO BioCosmos Africa Mr. Dag Kr. Norli, Chair BioCosmos Kenya Dr. Richard Ochieng, Reuben Kigame HSC and over 500 participants was presented by Dr. Casey Luskin and Dr. Brian Miller from Discovery Institute.

In his opening remarks, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Thomas K. Cheruiyot was delighted to be part of the Lecture and appreciated the role of Discovery Institute for their generous donation of books on Intelligent Design as well as for their efforts in training faculty members in this ground breaking field. Prof. Cheruiyot underpinned the importance of strengthening our partnership in pursuit of knowledge as we strive to promote scholarly endeavors. He appreciated the work being done by BioCosmos Kenya and BioCosmos Student Club, University of Eldoret Chapter in unravelling and stimulating discussions and debates on Intelligent Design. He applauded the 22 students who had completed the certification course in Intelligent Design and pointed out that it is a testament to the steady growth of Intelligent Design within our environs. He concluded by reiterating that the University is open to enter into viable collaboration with BioCosmos Africa for mutual growth and development.

The first speaker of the day Dr. Casey Luskin presenting his public lecture on Introduction to Intelligent Design and Neo Darwinian Evolution and The Positive Case of Design highlighted that the emergence of some features in the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligence cause and not via an undirected process such as natural selection. Dr. Luskin further elaborated that processes and events that exists within our realms arose purposeful through an intelligently guided processes, and called upon the audience to be guided by their intelligence in differentiating the norms within their surroundings.

Further, the second Speaker Dr. Brian Miller explored on the area of Big Bang and Cosmic Design where he distanced himself on the idea that the Universe had a beginning as a result of the Bing Bang. Rather, he pointed out that our universe exists in a multi-dimensional brane which exist in a higher dimensional space, a process which has been going on for all eternity. He alluded that if matter, energy and space come into existence at the moment of the Big Bang, then it follows that the cause of this cosmic beginning is something immaterial. He finalized by noting that, the cause of the Big Bang is just a signature of Intelligent Design.

The Public Lecture culminated with the Award of Certificates to 22 students who formed the 1st Cohort of CID BioCosmos Kenya.

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