Vice-Chancellor’s Address at The Materials Science and Solar Energy Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (MSSEESA)

The Vice-Chancellor University of Eldoret Prof. Teresa Akenga was the Chief Guest during the Materials Science and Solar Energy for Eastern and Southern Africa (MSSEESA) the University of Eldoret Node in an event that was conducted at Sirikwa Hotel on 26th November 2019.

The event which was aimed at popularizing Physics to female students saw Prof. Akenga present her keynote address on Successful women in Stem. In her remarks, the Vice-Chancellor acknowledged the challenges women face in pursuing STEM profession. However, she alluded that women have the potential to break the glass ceiling and emerge powerhouse in their respective STEM professions.

In her seven sections keynote address, Prof. Akenga reiterated that effects to do with stereotyping, male domination in this profession and traditional and cultural inclination were major factors that hinder the increase of women in the STEM profession. She thus called on lecturers, parents, tutors and family members to be role models to girls pursuing Science courses.

Prof. Akenga implored that Kenya and the University of Eldoret as an example have not yet reached the threshold with regard to gender parity as far as STEM courses are concerned. However, she noted that affirmative actions offer room for further improvement of women's participation in key socio-economic development.

Prof. Akenga also pointed at successful women in STEM professions who act as role models and urged the female students present during the forum to follow in their shadows. She further highlighted that the University has a plan of setting up a mentorship center aimed at mentoring young women scientists in the University. She finally urged the female students present to form Science network aimed at enhancing sharing of experiences, challenges, and identification of mentors.

The meeting which brought together UoE Postgraduate Students and Undergraduate Students who major in Physics saw the event facilitators Prof. Mghendi Mwamburi, Dr. Geraldine Matola (Director Gender, Equality and Diversity), Dr. Christopher Maghanga (Kabarak University), and Dr. Maxwell Mageto (MMUST University) addressing the students on topical various areas.

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